Main Topics of the Conference

  • Characteristics of surface magnetic fields in early-type stars
  • Magnetic fields and the stellar structure and evolution
  • Magnetism, accretion and braking of PMS stars
  • Surface structure formation in the presence of magnetic field: connection with diffusion and accretion
  • Magnetic field origin and stability
  • Magnetically-confined winds
  • Stellar pulsations in the presence of global magnetic fields
  • Post main sequence evolution of early-type magnetic stars
  • Final phases of stellar evolution: magnetism in compact objects
  • The future of magnetic field measurements in hot stars

Social events

All social events are covered by the conference fee. Further details will be provided during the conference.

Monday 28th August, 19h: Welcome reception at the conference venue

Wednesday 30th August: In the afternoon you can join either a guided tour through Brno (start at 14:30h), a visit of the Mendel museum and the old Brno monastery where Gregor Mendel was the abbot (15:00h), or a visit of the famous Villa Tugendhat at 17:00h (unfortunately only for a very limited number of people)

In the evening (19:30h) all participants are invited to the Planetarium of Brno for light refreshments and a concert by the Chamber Wind Harmony Brno (see the program).

Thursday 31st August, 19h: Closing reception in the botanical garden, where you will also have the possibility to visit the glass houses.


The campus hosts a canteen with a selection of snacks and meals for lunch (also vegetarian options). We will provide vouchers for 120 CZK (about 4.5 EUR), which cover a soup, a main dish, and a soft drink. Unfortunately, only cash is possible, but we certainly can give 'credit' in lack of cash. There are also some restaurants close to the venue with special lunch offers.

This map shows an overview about restaurants and other facilities close to the venue (you will get a printed copy). See also the menu of the Faculty's canteen for the conference week. Note that due to vacation time a pre-booking of the meals is needed. We therefore need your choice always the day before during the morning coffee break at latest. For monday we have already ordered a mix of meals. If you want to secure a special option, please drop us a line until Wednesday 23rd by email (). However, some meals (such as fried cheese or cutlet, etc.) you usually get there also on short notice.

If you are in need of cash: There are many ATMs in Brno, but unfortunately no one in the immediate surrounding of the conference venue. However, on the way from your hotel you will pass several of them, many are located for example on and near 'Česká'.