Accommodation possibilities

There are several hotels close to the venue which collaborate with the Masaryk University and offer special prices (including breakfast). We have reserved some rooms there (the number given in brackets) and the lower price is with the promo code MAGNETIC17. For the reservation please contact the hotel of your choice by email and indicate the promo code. To be on the safe side also note that you are participant of this conference at the Masaryk University. A cheaper student accommodation is in hotel Kounicova. Furthermore, you can also consult booking platforms as or Airbnb which offer a broad range of accommodation types. The current exchange rate is about 26.5 CZK for 1 EUR, or 23.5 CZK for 1 USD. In case of problems do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Hotel Continental Brno **** (20 double rooms)

single room (economy): 1350 CZK
double room for single use (economy): 1500 CZK
double room (economy): 1800 CZK

It takes about 10 min by foot to the venue and 5 min to the city center.

reservation email:

Hotel Slavia **** (20 double rooms)

single room (standard): 1085 CZK
double room for single use (standard): 1155 CZK
double room (standard): 1225 CZK

It is located in the city center and it takes less than 20 min by foot to reach the venue. A tram station is close-by and it needs only two stops to the venue.


Hotel International Brno **** (10 Business Apartment)

Business Apartment (for single use): 2800 CZK

It is located in the city center and it takes about 20 min by foot to reach the venue, or just a few minutes walk and two stops by tram.

reservation email:

Hotel Barcelo ***** (5 rooms Deluxe single)

DeLuxe Apartment for single use: 115 EUR (Su-Thu) / 100 EUR (Fr-Sa)
DeLuxe Apartment: 125 EUR (Su-Thu) / 110 EUR (Fr-Sa)

Either a 25 min walk to the venue or use the tram No. 12 in front of the hotel to reach the venue directly.

reservation email:

Hotel Kounicova - for students (15 double rooms)

double room : 840 CZK (without breakfast)

It is located close to the Faculty of Science and it takes maximaly 10 min by foot to reach the venue.

reservation email: