How to reach Brno

Brno can be reached easily by direct trains from Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Berlin, Hamburg, and Budapest. You can travel by plane to Vienna and then by coach, train or car (130 km). Another possibility is to travel by plane to Prague and then travel about 200 km by coach, train or car.

Arriving by Plane

There are direct flights to the Brno airport from Eindhoven, Munich, and London. The nearest large international airports are Vienna (130 km) and Prague (200 km). They all provide good train/bus connections to Brno.

How to get from Vienna Airport to Brno:

  1. There are direct bus lines from Vienna Airport to Brno (Wien-Brünn) departing almost every two hours. The ticket price is 340 CZK (16 EUR). We recommend to book the seat in advance. If they have free seats, it is also possible to buy the ticket on the bus. They arrive close to the main railway station, where you can find taxis or several tram lines to continue to your hotel.
  2. If you want to travel by train, you can purchase a ticket at the railway station. You need to go from airport to the Meidling Hbf or Wien Hbf railway station. There are many ways of transport. Note that there are multiple railway stations in Vienna.

How to get from Prague Airport to Brno:

  1. One option is traveling by bus. There are direct bus lines from the Prague airport to Brno. RegioJet buses (recognizable by the yellow colour) depart from the Prague airport every hour from 6:35 to 21:35. We recommend to book a seat in advance, but you can also buy the ticket in the RegioJet Ticket Office at the Prague airport, Terminal 1. The ticket price is 275 CZK (10.50 EUR).
  2. The second possibility is to travel by a regular bus or by train. However you need to take care of the transit from the airport to the railway/bus station by public transport or the Airport Express.

Arriving by Car

Brno is located in the southwest part of the Czech Republic, on he D-1 backbone motorway Prague-Brno-Bratislava, and on the rail-road line Prague-Brno-Vienna. The nearest international airports are Vienna and Prague. It takes about a 120 minutes to get to Brno from Vienna and 150 minutes from Prague. Use exit 190 when leaving the motorway from Prague.

   1) If you want to use a Czech highway you must buy a stamp (CZK 310,- for 10 days, CZK 440,- for 1 month).
   2) For maps of Brno and the Czech Republic see Mapy CZ or Google.

Arriving by Train

Brno can be reached easily by direct EC/SC/RJ trains from Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Berlin, Hamburg, and Budapest. You may find train connections which suit you best by using the on-line timetable services.

We note that during the conference there is a reconstruction of the main railway station (Brno hlavní nádraží), and in particular all international trains stop either at Brno dolní nádraží or Brno-Židenice. Both are somewhat more distant from the city center, but well connected by public transport.

From Brno-Židenice and the close-by tram station 'Kuldova' you can reach 'Česká' with the tram line No. 3, where you have many connection possibilities. From the railway station Brno dolní nádraží you can take the bus lines 60/61 to 'Hlavní nádraží' and from there the tram lines 4, 9, or 12 to 'Česká' for example. Most suggested hotels (Continental, Slavia, International) can be reached from 'Česká' by foot within about five minutes.

For railway or bus connections the actual information may be found at:
   a) Bus and Train Timetables
   b) Austrian Railways
   c) Czech Railways
   d) German Railways
   e) Hungarian Railways
   f) Slovakian Railways

Public transport in Brno

There are numerous bus and tram lines in Brno (IDS-JMK). A regular ticket, which allows transfers, costs 25 CZK and is valid for 60 min. Tickets for shorter travels (15 min; 20 CZK) are also available. You can buy them at ticket vending machines at most bus/tram stops, at newspaper kiosks, or the railway station. If you use public transport more often you can also buy strip tickets (Univerzální, 156 CZK). These include 24 strips (4 strips correspond to a 25 CZK single ticket, 3 strips to a 20 CZK single ticket, or 2 strips for very short trips of 2 stops)