Conference Schedule

We kindly ask all presenters to provide the pdf of their talk or poster, which will be linked on this page.

Monday 28th August (Magnetized stellar formation)
09:30Welcome and introductory words
09:45Introductory review: Impact of magnetic fields on stellar structure and evolution (Lilia Ferrario)
10:30Magnetic fields of Giant Molecular Clouds (Paolo Padoan)
11:00Coffee Break
11:30Modelling the magnetized accretion and outflows in young stellar objects (Christian Fendt)
12:00Poster talks
12:35Lunch Break
14:05Channelled accretion and the evolving large scale magnetic fields of PMS stars (Gaitee Hussain)
14:35The role of turbulence and magnetic fields for star formation (Christoph Federrath)
15:05Star-disk interaction induced spin-up of pre-main-sequence stars due to radiative core growth (Scott Gregory)
15:25The changing magnetic fields of intermediate-mass T Tauri stars (Florent Villebrun)
15:45Coffee Break
16:25Towards a global theoretical picture of the magnetism of massive stars: fossil and dynamo fields versus observations (Kyle Augustson)
17:10Dynamo in stars along the HR diagram (Bonnie Romano Zaire)
17:303D MHD Simulations of Accretion onto Star from Surrounding Disk (Shinsuke Takasao)
17:50End of the Session
19:00Welcome Reception

Tuesday 29th August (Magnetic activity including pulsations of upper main-sequence stars and binaries)
09:00Numerical simulations of stellar dynamos (Gustavo Guerrero)
09:30Connecting the large- with the small-scale surface magnetic field of solar-like stars (Lisa Lehmann)
09:50The largest modern analysis of chromospherically active stars towards the Galactic bulge (Patryk Iwanek)
10:10Poster talks
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Magnetic fields of intermediate mass objects (Pascal Petit)
11:30Magnetic fields of Am stars (Aurore Blazère)
11:50Explaining the unusual Stokes V signatures of ultra-weak magnetic A stars (Colin Folsom)
12:10Surface mapping tools: theories versus observations (Oleg Kochukhov)
12:40Lunch Break
14:15Stellar activity and stellar pulsations from ground and space based (Ernst Paunzen)
14:45Asteroseismology of magnetic stars (Przemyslaw Walczak)
15:15Detecting magnetic fields in Ap/Bp stars observed with the K2 space-mission to prepare for magneto-asteroseismology (Bram Buysschaert)
15:35Understanding the Fossil Magnetic Fields of Ap/Bp Stars: Conclusions From a Volume-Limited Survey (James Sikora)
15:55Coffee Break
16:25The millimagnitude variability of the HgMn star phi Phe (Milan Prvák)
16:45Magnetic fields in binary systems (Yael Naze)
17:15Magnetic activity in contact binaries (Bartlomiej Debski)
17:35End of the Session

Wednesday 30th August (Origin and impact of magnetic fields in massive stars)
09:00Origin and impact of magnetic fields in massive stars (Gregg Wade)
09:30Modelling complex magnetic fields in stars with radiative envelopes (James Silvester)
10:00The impact and evolution of magnetic confinement in hot stars (Zsolt Keszthelyi)
10:20Winds of Massive Magnetic Stars: Interacting Fields and Flow (Simon Daley-Yates)
10:40Coffee Break
11:10Massive star winds interacting with magnetic fields on various scales (Alexandre David-Uraz)
11:30Combined HST + XMM-Newton data illustrate: the analysis of magnetic stars is critical for reasolving the weak-wind problem (Tomer Shenar)
11:50Effects of a complex magnetic field on Tau Sco's X-ray production (Corinne Fletcher)
12:10The peculiar Of?p stars of the Magellanic Clouds: Are they strongly magnetic? (Melissa Munoz)
12:30Lunch Break
Afternoon/Evening: Social programme

Thursday 31st August (Origin and impact of magnetic fields in massive stars / Magnetic fields in the ultimate stages of stellar evolution)
09:00Magnetic field stability in massive stars (Alfio Bonanno)
09:30The evolution of magnetic fields from the main-sequence to very late stages (Alexander Martin)
10:00The nature of light variations in magnetic hot stars (Jiří Krtička)
10:20Rotation, Evolution, Mass-loss, and Magnetospheric Emission of the Magnetic Early B-type Stars (Matthew Shultz)
10:40Coffee Break and conference picture
11:30Magnetic fields of cool giant and supergiant stars: models versus observations (Heidi Korhonen)
12:00Magnetic fields of AGB stars and planetary nebulae: models versus observations (Wouter Vlemmings)
12:30Lunch Break
14:00Rotational properties of magnetic chemically peculiar stars (Martin Netopil)
14:30Differential rotation in magnetic chemically peculiar stars of the upper main sequence (Zdeněk Mikulášek)
14:50Magnetic Stars in Orion OB1 association (Iosif Romanyuk)
15:10Rayleigh scattering in CP stars (Jakub Fišák)
15:30Coffee Break
16:00History of delta a photometry (Hans Michael Maitzen)
16:20Evolution of magnetic field of massive stars (Alexander Kholtygin)
16:40A magnitude-limited survey of magnetic white dwarfs (Stefano Bagnulo)
17:10End of the Session
19:00Closing Reception

Friday 1st September (Magnetic fields in the ultimate stages of stellar evolution / The future of magnetic field measurements)
09:00Magnetic fields of white dwarfs (Adéla Kawka)
09:30Optical polarimetry studies of compact objects (Agnieszka Słowikowska)
09:50Highly magnetized super-Chandrasekhar white dwarfs and its consequences (Banibrata Mukhopadhyay)
10:20Have we seen all glitches? (Meng Yu)
10:40Coffee Break
11:10Current and future instrumentation and facilities for stellar magnetic field studies (Gregg Wade)
11:40Impact of space-based instruments on magnetic star research: past and future (Werner Weiss)
12:10Conference Summary (Adéla Kawka)
12:35Closing words
End of the Conference

Poster presentations

First authorPoster title
Gordon BriggsOrigin of magnetism in white dwarfs and cataclysmic variable stars (presenter: Lilia Ferrario)
Varvara ButkovskayaOn magnetic field of beta Aql: variability in different spectral lines
Varvara ButkovskayaFirst results of the magnetic field measurements on the G0 IV eta Bootis
Stefan HümmerichA Search for Photometrically Variable Magnetic CP Stars in Sky Survey Data
Jonas KlevasThe impact of magnetic fields on the structure of convective stellar atmospheres across the H-R diagram
Martin KološCharged particle motion in vicinity of magnetized black hole - model for relativistic jet and QPO
John LandstreetMonitoring and modelling magnetic variability in two white dwarfs with very weak fields
Ewa NiemczuraKIC3246460 - chemically peculiar He-weak star in a Kepler field
Monika Rode-PaunzenFrequency of CP2 (CP4) stars in open clusters compared to the galactic field
Laurence SabinInvestigating Stellar Magnetism in Evolved Stars in Mexico
Evgenii SemenkoPhysical Properties of Several Young Magnetic CP Stars
Sergei ShulmanMagnetic O star distribution in the solar vicinity (presenter: Alexander Kholtygin)
Matthew ShultzOrbital Disruption of the Centrifugal Magnetosphere of the Tidally Locked Magnetic Binary HD 156324
Mykhaylo SkulskyyOn the structure of magnetized accretion flows in the system of Beta Lyrae
Alana SousaTransition disks in the young cluster NGC 2264
Natallia SudnikMultiple, short-lived 'stellar prominences' on O stars: the giant ξ Persei: a magnetic star?
Stephane VennesObserving and modelling magnetic fields in white dwarfs
Ilya YakuninNew CP stars in Kepler field based on photometric and spectroscopic survey